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Joseph Wyndham is a novelist living in the countryside in the heart of the English shires.

After thirty years working in information technology and finance, the urge to write could be ignored no longer, ‘Masquerade’ is its offspring.

Joseph takes an interest in both current affairs and history as inspiration for background to his projects. Masquerade is inspired by the events surrounding the 2008 financial crash, especially the stories behind the headlines and the shadowy agents of the crash.

Joseph reads voraciously, mixing traditional authors such as Agatha Christie, Daphne Du Maurier, Frederick Forsythe, and Raymond Chandler with newer arrivals such as Charles Cummins, Lee Childs and Michael Connelly.

Joseph has two other projects in development: a sequel to Masquerade where Dark continues his crusade against Globalism, and a Cold War thriller, populated with characters from rock music, politics and the military.


Masquerade is a great page turner of a thriller. It's premise is that at the highest levels of Government and big business there lies corruption and collusion with the criminal underworld. Our main protagonist George Dark is operating in this murky world, where few people are aware of what is really happening, and it's his knowledge that leads him into a collision course with shadowy forces. This is a really enjoyable thriller and the plot unfolds at pace. There are great characters, twists and locations and I would highly recommend this book.


Mr P J Heath

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